How To Hypnotize Women On Dating Sites.

The idea of being able to hypnotize women before you’ve even met sounds incredible, but it can be done. Don’t misunderstand, you aren’t going to make anyone do anything against their will or moral code! But you can employ well established practices used by hypnotists for centuries to hypnotize women online – by including hypnotic ideas in your writing.

As you find yourself getting more intrigued by this article, you’ll begin to discover how easy it is to hypnotize women. You may even notice how, as your attention changes, your mind naturally allows more information – even subconsciously – to become easy to understand and flows to women when you speak or write to them so that you don’t even notice you’re doing it. You can just trust your subconscious mind the way you do when you know it’s safe to cross a road …

That’s enough!

Read that whole paragraph again and you’ll notice a suggestion planted right at the start of it, (“…you find yourself getting more intrigued…”)

Now let me show you another one. This is the kind of thing you might write to a woman you’re interested in:

“Imagine that you’re starting to remember how exciting it is to meet someone you just “click” with. Now, consider the possibility that that could be happening – even as you read this – right now. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Snap out of it, Mr. Reader! I’m showing you how to hypnotize women, not how to attract guys to me!

Allow me to just explain those techniques. The first, “as you find yourself” is called a “presupposition.” You really don’t know what the lady is “finding herself” doing or feeling, but you can pre-suppose in this way and gently coax her mental state into one that will work in your favour.

Then I implanted ideas such as “discover how easy it is” … and bundled in suggestions about how your subconscious mind processes information. Notice that I never told you how you will feel, but instead I used phrases like “as your attention changes” – leaving your brain to make sense of that!

The second process is called “leading the imagination.” Take your lady to a feeling state first, (“…Imagine that you’re starting to remember how exciting it is…”) – that will make her feel good about being with you – and you practically guarantee a response.

Those are two powerful ideas for how to hypnotize women on /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,flyer/date,2060-05-01/”>liquid cialis dating sites. Use with caution and enjoy the results!

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