How To Meet Women Online With Attention Grabbing Headlines.

When you want to meet women online, the first thing you have to do, of course, is to grab their attention. Online dating sites make this easy in theory, but the reality is that most people don’t think about this or take advantage of the massive opportunity this presents.

Think about magazines. When you’re in the supermarket waiting at the checkout the magazines are mostly just background until a headline grabs your attention. If it’s good enough you might add the mag to your trolley – which is just what the editor and the supermarket want you to do of course!

The same principles apply when you’re writing your dating profile /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,cal/date,2060-05-01/”>cialis to buy with your intention to meet women online. Most headlines are barely more than “Guy seeks Girl.” Hey, guess what? You and ten thousand other guys are on that site doing exactly that! The woman of your dreams is hardly likely to click onto such a boring headline!

I met dozens of women and created hundreds of dating opportunities when I used dating sites, and one of the most powerful “tools of my trade” was attention grabbing headlines. Since you’re serious about how to meet women online, I’ll get you sharpened up on some basic psychology, then you’ll be able to write a headline with some “meat” in it.

When you – or anyone – sees an ad, any kind of ad, the first reaction is, “What’s in it for me?” (Known as WIIFM or “wiffem” in marketing circles!) That’s a great question. Let’s apply this to your desired goal of meeting women online. So you’d perhaps start with, “32 year old guy seeks nice woman for good times.”

Yawn! You need to put yourself in her shoes. What’s in it for her? She’s going to read that and go, “So what? There’s a million more like you out there, buddy.”

And this is where you need your emotional hot button. People like to feel good, to laugh, and women especially like to feel safe with a man. That not only means he isn’t going to hurt her physically, but also that he’s going to take care of her emotionally. If she has children, you can multiply that by ten – maybe a thousand!

So how about this: “Trainee Saint, 32, Needs Angel for Guidance.”

Eye catching? Yes. Humorous? Definitely. And just a touch of self-deprecation to show your ego isn’t too huge either. What’s more, women love to think of themselves as angels. A LOT of women would open that!

Let’s try another one. “Gruff type seeks Softie Hunter.”

A bit more subtle, perhaps, (and won’t work if you’re a weedy type!) Can you see the wiffem? You’re hinting that you’re a big fella who’d open up his soft heart to the right woman – and women love to care!

Guys, don’t copy these word for word otherwise there’ll be tens of thousands of trainee saints and gruff types all over the dating sites within days! Instead, use the ideas to meet women online and you’ll soon have more dates lining up than you have days in your diary!

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