Seduce Any Woman With The Power of Your Mind

Henry Ford said it first: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” If you want to know how to seduce any woman you’d better believe you can first.

It doesn’t mean that Naomi Campbell will fall at your feet just because you looked at her. But here are some tips that might give you a head start on some of the competition, should you ever find yourself next to Naomi – or indeed another desirable woman.

First, if /component/page,shop.browse/category_id,7/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,38/vmcchk,1/”>buy cialis tadalafil you’re serious about seducing women, don’t be serious with them! Be humorous. You don’t have to tease, but really you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously either. Playfulness is attractive, and so is a man who doesn’t obviously need his ego groomed. You want to know how to seduce any woman? Be playful!

Next, focus on her. In your mind you should be asking yourself what you can give her, (no, not that), rather than what you can get from her. A smile is a good start. Make her day, make her feel good. How about a compliment? Another hot tip: give her room to breathe! Let her go, if she wants you she’s going to give you her number. And she’ll want you because you made her feel good.

Finally, check your body language. That’s body language, not physique. Women don’t look at a guy the way men eye up females. Looks count, but confidence and personality count for a lot more. So make good eye contact. Don’t hunch. Speak clearly, smile often, move smoothly and … watch her start to melt!

The secrets of how to seduce any woman are a lot easier to crack than you think. Remember, women love to be seduced – nicely, warmly, lovingly and sensitively. They don’t like brutes, egomaniacs, or guys that treat them like objects.

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